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of the site. In a statement said it would like to publicly apologise to our advertising partner 7Up for a technical failure that allowed advertisements for the brand to appear alongside an article in our Its all about sex section. When the article was brought to the attention of 7up, the company tweeted: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Again, to ensure you dont get a clinger make sure the sex implies as little relationship qualities as possible. Never intended to offend any of our readers. The article was based on the observations of a student. The article suggests that finding a one night stand is similar to betting on the dogs and the key focus should be the candidate. It said prime candidates were girls who have just been dumped, girls with low self-esteem and potential daddy issues, and slut bags. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising. one night stand guide for him collegetimes ie


Wicked - Late night hotel threesome. As soon as we were made aware of where our advert was placed we had it removed immediately. Has also been heavily criticised on its page and on Twitter for the article, which has also received hundreds of Facebook likes. The article was written by journalist and tells men how to pick-up a girl in a nightclub. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy. Ronan McGreevy, a website for Irish third-level students has apologised to soft-drinks maker 7up after an advertisement for the firm appeared beside an article advising men how to find a woman for a one night stand. Cork-based feminist group criticised Ms Stroinskas article, saying it prompted sexism and misogyny. We by no means endorse this content and are having our ads pulled asap. To learn more see our. It recommends targeting young women who are attractive but still have self-esteem issues about their looks. We have removed the brand from the particular section and would like to make it clear that 7Up would never be associated with content of this type. Featuring a photograph of Austrian abductor Joseph Fritzl, the article said men on the pull should not give the impression to a girl of being a Joseph Fritzl-type character. The article One Night Stand - For Men was written by a woman to highlight, in a satirical fashion, behaviours that occur commonly within our society. A version of the article first appeared on the Canadian website. In a statement, which owns 7Up, said: 7up does not condone the type of content that appeared on today. This is an in and out job, pun intended.

One night stand guide for him collegetimes ie - One Night Stand

It goes on to state: When shes in your house, dont waste time with the nonsense of house tours or making her feel comfortable. It has since been removed from. It concludes by recommending that the man avoids giving the woman lift home and also avoids learning her surname or her mobile phone number. The most successful one night stands leave no loose strings! The piece, a, one Night Stand Guide, for. Him on the, collegeTimes. Ie was written by a woman Joanna Stroinska and used sexual violence references, comparing the sexual act to a murder. Ie article endorses the view of women as targets and men as predators. One Night Stand Guide, for.

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