Australian date sites leppävirta

australian date sites leppävirta

status of the QSO on the M online service qslmsg MultilineString QSL card message qslmsg_intl IntlMultilineString QSL card message QSL_rcvd Enumeration QSL Rcvd. 202 puerto rico 203 andorra 204 revillagigedo 205 ascension. ADI-importing applications can import as much data from a Data-Specifier as they choose. 206 austria 207 rodriguez. Background, development, policies, upward Compatibility, deprecation, data Types, Enumerations, and Fields. Y 262 tajikistan 263 netherlands 264 tangier Y 265 northern ireland 266 norway 267 territory OF NEW guinea Y 268 tibet Y 269 poland 270 tokelau. Note that this field might not be used in a QSO record. . 298 wallis futuna.

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ADX File Format An ADX file employs XML syntax and UTF-8 encoding, and is comprised of a root ADX element that contains a header element and a records element; the records element contains zero or more record elements:?xml version"1.0" encoding"UTF-8"? Fieldname is replaced by a user-defined field name in uppercase header. 143 laos 144 uruguay 145 latvia 146 lithuania 147 lord howe. Leading zeros are import-only. 39 comoros Y 40 crete 41 crozet. OF yemen Y 244 southern sudan Y 245 ireland 246 sovereign military order OF malta 247 spratly. MY_fists PositiveInteger the logging station's fists CW Club member number with a value greater than. 239 hungary 240 south sandwich. QSL Medium, qSL Rcvd, qSL Sent, qSL Via. australian date sites leppävirta

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Bi vaimo thai massage in helsinki 38 cocos (keeling). US State, JA Island, VE Province) MY_street String the logging station's street MY_street_intl IntlString the logging station's street MY_usaca_counties SecondarySubdivisionList two US counties in the case where the logging station is located on a border between two counties, representing counties that the contacted station may. 42 damao, DIU Y 43 desecheo. B.6 Continent Enumeration Abbreviation Continent NA North America SA South America EU Europe AF Africa OC har du noen gang hatt en one night stand kemi Oceana AS Asia AN Antarctica III.


Guy fucks latina from dating site in hostel in argentina. 235 south georgia. 173 micronesia 174 midway. The horizon is 0 degrees with values increasing as the angle moves in an upward direction. Counties dxcc Entity Code 6 (Alaska) Code Secondary Administrative Subdivision Alaska Judicial District Deleted AK, Aleutians East Aleutians East Alaska Third Judicial District AK, Aleutians Islands Aleutians Islands Alaska Third Judicial District Deleted AK, Aleutians West Aleutians West Alaska Third Judicial District AK, Anchorage Anchorage Alaska Third. B.2 arrl Section Enumeration Abbreviation Section Name dxcc Entity Code From Date Deleted Date AL Alabama 291 AK Alaska 6 AB Alberta 1 AR Arkansas 291 AZ Arizona 291 BC British Columbia 1 CO Colorado 291 CT Connecticut 291 DE Delaware 291 EB East Bay. Number N a sequence of one or more Digits representing a decimal number, optionally preceded by a minus sign ( ascii code 45) and optionally including a single decimal point ( ascii code 46) PositiveInteger an unsigned sequence of one or more Digits representing. Implementation Notes Implementation notes discussing the adif Number Data Type, ADI Field Length specifiers, and minimum fields are available in the adif Resources document section Implementation Notes. B.3 Award Enumeration ( import-only ) III. Patricks Day 070-valentine-sprint podxs Valentine Sprint 10-rtty Ten-Meter rtty Contest (2011 onwards) 1010-open-season Open Season Ten Meter QSO paradise hotel sesong 2 erotisk novelle dk Party 7QP 7th-Area QSO Party AL-QSO-party Alabama QSO Party ALL-asian-DX-CW jarl All Asian DX Contest (CW) ALL-asian-DX-phone jarl All Asian DX Contest (phone) anarts-rtty anarts WW rtty. MA, Franklin:MA, Hampshire VE_prov String import-only : use state instead vucc_grids GridSquareList two or four adjacent Maidenhead grid locators, each four characters long, representing the contacted station's grid squares credited to the QSO for the arrl vucc award program. . Data Types, enumerations, ant_Path, aRRL Section Names, award (import-only). During 2010, the need to support international characters led to this proposal to define a second file format (syntax) that would introduce international data types using Unicode encoded with UTF-8, and that would employ XML syntax. . For example, in response to a request send me a list of the awards granted to AA6YQ, this might be received: call:5 AA6YQ adif_spectrum_100-160m band Enumeration Band QSO Band band_RX Enumeration Band in a split frequency QSO, the logging station's receiving band call String the. 299 west malaysia 301.

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